Free API to block 🗑 disposable emails



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James Futhey@futhey · Product Design Consultant
Really cool! Will use. Also gives you suggestions for common typos in email addresses ( produces “Did you mean”). Nice touch!
Thomas PetraccoMaker@tompec · Maker of things
@futhey Thanks! Yes, I thought it would be useful 😉
Thomas PetraccoMaker@tompec · Maker of things
Hi Product Hunters 😺, This is my first product here. I made a simple API to help developers to block disposable emails from their website. Why? For one of my website, I gave free credits to users to try the service for free. But some people tried to create multiple accounts. One of the steps to make this harder for them, was to block disposable emails. I didn’t find any service that was free and up to date, so I created my own. Each domain is verified manually and I use some bots to find new domains 🤖. I also contribute to this repository for most of the domains: I tried to make this as easy as possible to integrate and I will be happy to know if it helps you. Feedbacks are welcome 🤗
Steve Bartel@sbartel · Software Engineer
@tompec Neat!
Chris MessinaPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@tompec the anonymity arms race levels up, yet again!
Thomas PetraccoMaker@tompec · Maker of things
@chrismessina Hi Chris, I'm not sure to understand your point here. The idea behind is just to make it a bit harder for users to create mass accounts.
Chris MessinaPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@tompec precisely. People built anonymous/disposable email accounts so they'd get less spam via services they sign up for; in turn, spammers adopted those services to do mass registrations and exploit referral promotions (remember, I used to work at Uber); now you're enabling the service providers to combat those kind of disposable email registrations to block them. If this service (or similar ones catch on), then you'll increase the value and price of legitimate/non-disposable emails which will lead to more hackers attempting to p0wn said legitimate emails, which in turn will lead to more security or account reputation controls being built out (i.e. additional biometrics, 3FA, etc), and on and on we go.
Yinka@tsyinka · Product & Growth Manager @Pincapp
@chrismessina that is one vicious cycle.
Harry Marshall@harry_marshall · Co-founder at
Product looks great - excited to try it. Also, LOVE the name :)
Thomas PetraccoMaker@tompec · Maker of things
@harry_marshall Thanks Harry, keep me posted when you try it!
Ciprian Comarita@cipriancomarita · QA Engineer
Hey, Nice project. I have also one similar - have a look here: