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pretty cool for testing new features. what others tools are people using for this stuff?
@satyap it looks similar to UserTesting (see their Peek product, it's rad cc @IAmPhilSharp) for usability tests but it's unclear how Validately can accurate test demand for a products. Q&A might provide some useful qualitative feedback but asynchronous surveys are generally a terrible way to measure interest in a new product idea. I'd much rather talk to people face-to-face. Maybe I'm missing something?
@rrhoover agree that it's similar to usertesting (i've known darrell there forever). i think the point of this kind of testing is really to understand usability issues. it can work OK for validating features for B2B use cases, especially for existing products and users.
@satyap good point. Surveys that measure known pain points (which is what most B2B startups do) can be useful because they're easier to identify and speak to vs. a B2C product that might be focused on emotional needs.
Hi @rrhoover. I am the founder of @validately and am happy to explain why we built our product. As a multiple time founder, I have always been frustrated with false positives during customer discovery. As we know, the root cause of false positives is the difference between what customers say and what they do. @Validately is built to solve this problem for Product Managers & UX Designers. Our core philosophy is that you can learn a lot about a feature's demand and usability by testing prototypes on users who are not managed/coached. We believe in testing in a user's normal environment and measuring how they naturally respond to what they see. @Validately is a simple product. We source representative users - either through a segmented panel or a recruit widget on your site. Testers try a prototype or a feature on a live site. We then produce reports to help product teams analyze what a tester actually did, including: video recordings of a tester's actions, funnel reports and heat maps. You can filter responses (or videos) based on specific user activities. You also have the tester's email, so you can follow-up directly with that user and book a live meeting if you want to dig in deeper. It only takes a few minutes to set up a test and our filtering capabilities allow you to analyze results without watching hours of videos. All for a price that allows you to run 3x the number of tests for 1/2 the cost of the service you mentioned above. @Validately is a truly iterative testing platform that is designed and priced for Lean/Agile teams.
Would love to get @rjs thoughts on this ^^^
Here is @rjs thoughts in regards to this approach. I concur.
Thanks for your thoughts @BlendahTom and @rjs. For those who didn't read the link, @rjs had questions about the targeting as simply testing on females that are 35-49 is not enough for testing...we COMPLETELY agree! We offer 3 responses to this: 1. Our panel has more targeting options including, job titles, kids in household, education levels, job status, etc. The Job Title targeting should be interesting to @rjs with regard to testing Basecamp features, as he could test on developers or PMs, etc. 2. You can set conditions on any panelist who opts in. These conditions can be interest based. 3. If you are an active site, with customers already, you can use our recruit widget to target users of specific features on your current site. Customers who opt-in get sent to the prototype automatically and we record their interactions. All with zero manual work on your end. Here is a 30 second demo: