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Hey everybody , Karthik from Valiant Gaming here - eSports is a trending scene throughout the world. People are not just enjoying it are making it as a career. When most of the world is like this, the scene in India is completely different. From a recent survey the least preferred and encouraged career is the the field of Gaming. So we realised that we had to do something about and created a platform to encourage the gaming community to take eSports seriously. We will be giving out in-game prizes and prize money that is sponsored by people who share our vision. We are initially starting with Dota 2 which is one of the most popular Multiplayer games. By this thing we want to tell the parents of the gamers that gaming is not what it used to be, your children can a earn a living from it. Though the virtual organisation is made keeping Indians in mind but it is not limited to them. Our first tournament 'Streak 1v1 Season 1' is up and take registrations. If you encounter any issue please feel free to ping :)