Valet for Tesla

Control your Tesla from you Mac's menu bar.

Valet for Tesla gives you the convenience of the mobile app right in your Mac’s menu bar. Quickly view charge status and remaining range right in your menu bar. A single click brings you to a beautiful clean interface, allowing control of all aspects of your car.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Little apps like this make me wish I had a Tesla. Great job, Jason! 😃
Hi Everyone, My Name is Jason, and I am very excited to bring our latest creation. Today I present to you Valet for Tesla, a menu bar app that brings control of your Tesla to your mac. Built by two extreme Tesla enthusiasts, Valet for Tesla is the go-to Tesla app for Mac. Forget the need to get your phone out to check your cars status, or to warm up your cabin before your morning commute, those options and more are just a single click away. Valet supports the following commands: - Start or stop charging, or open charge port - Set charge limit - Send address to in-car navigation - Set cabin temperature and turn on or off heat or air conditioning - Open frunk or trunk (with confirmation to avoid accidental opens) - Lock or unlock car (with confirmation) - Honk horn or flash lights You can also view: - Your cars current charge state and remaining range - Odometer, firmware version and VIN - Cars current location and status Valet supports multiple cars on a single account with a quick picker to switch between them. Valet also supports Mojave's Dark Mode. We are still actively developing the app, and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Please feel free to reach out here on product hunt, via email, or using the in-app feedback form. Thanks, Jason NOTES: Valet is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Tesla Motors. Your login information is securely stored in your devices keychain and only ever sent to Tesla servers directly. You can also login using your own token for enhanced security.

Highly Recommend! Great companion to the phone app. I love that I don't have to take out my phone in meetings to check on my car. Best of all - I can control when the app wakes my car

Great app - developers have optimized tesla ownership for sure.


Great app!


No cons

Hi Jason. Great app. May I know what API you are using? Tesla's official API or some unofficial API?