Valentine Tymline

Create a relationship tymline & gift it to your Valentine!

Forgot to buy a present to your Valentine? Worry not, we have your back! 😉

Create your memorable love story as a sweet timeline and share it with your Valentine to save the day.

Tymline is a new blogging format for everyone! You can include GIFs, Images, Webpage Links & YouTube Videos as Links.

Travel Your Memory. Happy Valentine!


Boy with Silver Wings
Bodhish Thomas
Anoop Kumar
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  • Pros: 

    Simple and elegant interface


    Need more work on the tymline as it is too basic for now

    Ease of organizing content into a chronological order to give a perspective of he bigger picture with ease.

    Ujwal Gattupalli has used this product for one month.


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Kireeti Varma
Kireeti VarmaMaker@kireetivarma · Co-founder of @TymlineCo.
Hello PH Community! 👋 Tymline is a new way to tell stories. You may use it as your blog. You can create Tymlines for your startup, career, work, relationship, project, a recipe, product roadmap or what you wish to. Though we are still in pre-beta stage, we'd like to bring forward for the Valentine's Day this year! Create your Relationship Tymline and share with your Valentine to surprise him/her. Please share your valuable feedback to help us create a better product for all of us. You can talk to us directly using the Facebook Messenger that's available on the site. We'd like to hear your feedback and improve to release our next version. Use the Invite Code "PHUSER" to signup into the platform. Love, from the team Tymline.
Abadesi@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@kireetivarma This is an interesting take on social networking. From a UX perspective I think it would be easier to navigate if there was less going on -- maybe content could be structured as a feed? Also when I sign up I'm forced to select 5 interests, it would be nice to be able to exit the pop up without selecting any. 🙂
Kireeti Varma
Kireeti VarmaMaker@kireetivarma · Co-founder of @TymlineCo.
Thank you for you feedback @abadesi. We did have a structured feed in plan, but haven't released yet. We will be releasing it for our next update soon. About the interests, I concur. We will reiterate on that. :)
Gary Archie
Gary Archie@garyarchie · Doctor
Just in time :)
Kireeti Varma
Kireeti VarmaMaker@kireetivarma · Co-founder of @TymlineCo.
@garyarchie We hope you like it. Please share some feedback as you use it. :)
John Anderton
John Anderton@johnanderton3 · writer
Thanks guys, really cool!
Kireeti Varma
Kireeti VarmaMaker@kireetivarma · Co-founder of @TymlineCo.
Hey @johnanderton3, hope you liked the product. Do let us know your thoughts how we can improve.