Declarative performance for Kubernetes

Valence is a cost and performance management solution for Kubernetes. It’s an operator that figures out replicas, limits, requests, and quality of service for the most cost-efficient and performant way of running your applications in Kubernetes.
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Domenic Rosati
Scientist; Machine Teacher
Hey there! I am one of the folks working on Valence. We built Valence because we thought performance (and as a by product resource utilization aka cost) could be managed Declaratively, in the same way that you could declare Kubernetes resources and have a controller keep that resource up to date. We thought why couldn't you declare some higher level objective such as a Service Level Objective and have some mechanism to go and figure out how your application should be configured? We learned that to do this we'd need to use control theory to learn the dynamics of applications and forecasting to ensure we were able to meet performance objectives ahead of time, not just react to performance violations. Once we saw how Valence was able to meet Declared Service Level Objectives through this feed-forward control mechanism, we wanted to have folks use it and so we built it as a controller/operator for Kubernetes scaling and resources. We'd love for you to try it out and you can do so for free always (up to a limited amount of concurrent applications). I am happy to answer any questions or take any feedback folks have :)