Val Mobile Media Studio

A light, phone stand, bluetooth speaker/mic & battery in one

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This is AWESOME. @SavIsSavvy came and showed it to us at the Meerkat office a couple weeks ago... Some samples of @sarahvorhaus w/ & w/o
@jsneedles Here's a sample of @Lprangley with the Val.
@jsneedles Watching you and Sarah interact with Val was a highlight of the process so far. The selfies and the insta-streaming that kicked off once you had in her in hand are what make the development process worth it.
All-in-one simpleness! :-)
I have used and enjoyed working with Val.
Having tried this product first-hand (and from seeing the images posted by Jeff above) I can vouch for the impact VAL's lighting system makes. It's night and day! Can't tell you how many times I've done FaceTime marathons with a friend and can't see them because they're in a dark room -- or worse, back-lit. VAL is absolutely perfect for vlogging too!
@johnrwhaley Thank you so much for your continued support John! It's been great to have your feedback since day 1 (and probably before it). John also did a video testimonial for Val that you can see here:
Man I wish this wasn't a year out. Would love to use right now!
@eddiedaroza Thanks Eddie! If things go well, we'll have units done before August, but there's nothing worse than delivering late. So we're hoping 7 or 8 months. Time flies so... ;)