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Vaizle is a social media analytics tool for startups and enterprises who need actionable insights and competitive analysis. Starting at 'Pay What You Want'.

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Siddharth Dwivedi
Nitan jain


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Abadesi@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Most entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the choice of options when it comes to social media management - how do you stand out from the competition and established brands? @siddharth_dwivedi @nitan_jain
Nitan jain
Nitan jainMaker@nitan_jain · Co-Founder, Vaizle
@abadesi Thanks for inquiring about our product. :) Vaizle is not a social media management tool. It's an analytics tool. We built this tool with a mindset that it will give actionable insights in a simplest possible way. While most of the competitors and established brands bombarding users with graphs and data. we tried to come up with insights. You don't have to spend extra time to make sense of the graphs. All those insights are right there with the graphs. In a nutshell, when you choose Vaizle, you are not buying a software for data analysis. you are hiring a social media analyst. One again! Thanks. If you have any other query, I'll be happy to help. :)
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@nitan_jain, Will try this product for sure. Was just going through your reply. Few thoughts if you do B2B:- Target companies that are actively hiring for social media analyst since these are the ones who are spending money on this function and are more likely to buy a software to aid their process. Similarly you could also focus on startups that have recently raised funds since these are the companies that will be willing to spend money for digital presence.
Nitan jain
Nitan jainMaker@nitan_jain · Co-Founder, Vaizle
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks for your suggestions Shreyaa. I'll definitely try these methods. Please try our product and give your feedback. Thanks! :)