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Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero@duiker101 Β· Software Developer
I am a bit confused, why would I pay for data that it's free? What do you add on top of, say, the EU Open Data? All I see it's 3 zip files and I am not even sure what's in those
@duiker101 For sure! Vacuum Data is here for the convenience of time and quality of open data. Vacuum Data provides curated and on-demand open data. Size of an open data file range from less than a megabyte, and some go up to several hundred gigabytes, and a database can go beyond a petabyte. Searching for open data portals, searching for open data in those portals, complying with the licenses of those open data, and finally downloading those open data takes hundreds of hours. It can take several years with and without automation to extract an absolute unit of all open data. Open Data is meant to be free, but not all are equally free. Some have restrictions, and some don't. You can view a snippet of data, or you can do whatever you want with the data. Some are usable, and some are not - in that someone wrote a few sentences and published a pdf as open data. Some are hard to get, and some are not. Many sites let you compile, combine, host, view, and search open data. All of them make it harder than the publisher to access and use the data. Everything on Vacuum Data is downloaded directly from the source and uploaded to Vacuum Data. Everything you see here is what you will see and get at the source. If data is changed from source, then those changes will be catalogued in the FAQ section of a dataset page. As will the terms of source license and link to source license. We will push an update to make it clear the types of file that are in the zipped files. Specifically and typically open data comprise of text, spreadsheet, powerpoint, word document, pdf, shapefile, imagery and other niche file types. Some datasets such as EU Open Data (European Open Data Portal) will forever be incomplete given their continuous expansion in terms of the number of datasets and database size. It doesn't make sense to hold data that people don't use, and it is super expensive to hold petabytes of data - especially for a new product. It is a sample for members to decide whether they would like more open data from this particular source. β˜„οΈ Vacuum Data lets you access 20% of the entire growing library for free. πŸ’A Vacuum Data+ subscription of $9.99 monthly / $99 yearly will give you access to 80% of the curated, growing library, and on-demand requests. Please leave any feedback to keep Vacuum Data working efficiently and effectively for all of us, and get more public and private organizations to open up their data.
Hey ProductHunt! Vacuum Data is built to be the one-stop place for all* open data. * Expanding and continuously updated every week. Instant, unfiltered, unrestricted access. You can request open data not on Vaccum Data for everyone's benefit. Membership at $49 / month or $149 / year, to drive quality open data.