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Love this concept. Always looking for a local experience when traveling so they are definitely looking to solve a real problem. Excited to give this a try on my next major trip.
@kam_bain thank you for your interest in VacayBug! Our vision is to help travelers to better document, and share itineraries to places they have been, furthermore, explore other people's itineraries so they can leverage other people's experiences! Please send any feedbacks and issues to!
Thank you for hunting us! Hi Everyone, I'm one of the founders at VacayBug. We hope to transform how to people plan their travel. Please try us out and send any feedbacks to!
Great idea. Wondering whether we could think about an integration (either way/both ways) to WalkInto (
@bonigv WalkInto is a cool site as well! Happy to chat about the possibility of partnership and integration. What is the best email to reach you? I'm at