Vacation Tracker

The easiest way to track your team’s vacations and days off.

Vacation Tracker for Slack helps your team request, approve and manage leaves. Get set up in minutes, and accurately roadmap future work knowing who'll be in the office when.

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Slobodan Stojanović
CTO of Vacation Tracker & Cloud Horizon
Hello everyone, I’m Slobodan, CTO of Vacation Tracker. When our company Cloud Horizon grew to ten people, we started having issues with tracking vacations. We tried to solve the problem with an Excel sheet, Google Calendar, and many other tools. But the main issue for us wasn’t the number of days someone used. The main problem was to pass the information to our team that our coworkers are on vacation and that we shouldn’t bother them. We found many excellent products, but they were much more than a vacation tracker tool, they were HR systems that we didn’t need and often too expensive for startups and small companies. In the end, we decided to solve our problem and create a simple tool for managing team leaves. Meet Vacation Tracker, the easiest way to track your team’s vacations and days off! Vacation Tracker started as a Slack chatbot because we wanted it to be integrated with the tools teams are already using. That way we can automatically synchronize your coworkers with Vacation Tracker, and you don’t need to remember another login. But Vacation Tracker is more than a chatbot. You can manage your requests, teams, holidays and other leave types from our dashboard. It is currently available only for Slack; however, we’re always working on improving our product to fit your needs. That’s why we’re expanding to G Suite & Teams soon. We would love to hear your feedback! And feel free to let me know if you want any questions or you want us to give you a short demo of our product.
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Lav Crnobrnja
CEO at Cloud Horizon
Hello Product Hunt, I’m Lav, a co-founder of Vacation Tracker. We’re proud to announce that after months of hard work our product is finally ready to be shown to the Product Hunt community. Vacation Tracker combines all the features any team needs to keep track of vacations, days off and other leaves: - Submit & Approve Vacation Requests - Request Vacations, Days Off or Half Days - Create Your Own Leave Types - Set Up Multiple Offices/Teams - Receive Daily/Weekly Notifications - Set Up Holidays - Export Reports as CSV Files - Calendar Integration - Awesome Dashboard We've been piloting Vacation Tracker with teams over the last 6 months and we've gotten some great feedback! Most of the new features that have been working on recently as well as all features in our pipeline are coming from the teams using the product. We'd love to get more feedback so please take Vacation Tracker for a spin and let us know what you think. And if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us through the website chat or by emailing us.
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I've seen similar products, not none that matches the price/features set VacationTracker offers. Constantly updated with new features and a very responsive team behind it makes a great he difference.

Our company uses it for almost a year, and honesty, can't imagine using anything else for this.


Easy to use. Makes vacation/holidays/sick and off days management a breeze, both for the management and employees.


Nothing really.

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Sean MilanovicCEO at Clockify
Great app!
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Pros: Very customizable, perfect for startups in multiple locations. Cons: So far, great! No cons. A lot of amazing features, very useful daily and weekly reminders. And the best part is how easy it is, in just a few simple clicks our team can request vacations, and within seconds, get them approved, all in Slack.
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