Vabotu 2.0

More than Slack. More than Trello. FREE.

Using multiple tools to manage your work? Vabotu is one app to replace Slack, Trello, Asana, InVision & Dropbox. You get world-class team messaging, tasks & project management, visual collaboration tools and online storage. Best of all, it's FREE.
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Vabotu 2.0 includes numerous exciting new features and improvements including: • New iOS and Android Apps • New Free version of Vabotu for teams around the globe • Brand new UI for project management, messaging, collaboration and online folder • Advanced filtering options • New Dropbox and Google Drive Integrations • Introducing custom reactions and read receipts • In messaging My Tasks • Bookmark and re-order sub-tasks • Receive 50GB of free storage* • 30+ more features, improvements and under the hood optimizations * Want to get 50GB of free storage added to your Vabotu account? It's super easy, here's how:
We love @vabotuapp, it allows us to effectively organize our project tasks seamlessly without the burden of cost!
Ok, i'm asking here because i can't find any trace of someone using Vabotu, while the app is looking so amazing and FREE ! Does anyone use it ? Because if feel a bit skeptical.... A great app like this for free, with no one that talk about it.
@althalusios thank you for your message and for checking Vabotu out! Vabotu is a new project coordination platform recently introduced to the public and has 1000+ companies that benefit from working smarter and more efficient. We have over 300 companies joining every month and are growing a rapid rate.