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Hi Hunters! I am the founder of Uzers community which you can recognize from Instagram where we have over 74k followers and we are promoting best design projects ( Last few weeks I was working on something more valuable which gives really good value for our Community. Statistics say that we have a lot of very young prospects and promising product designers but there wasn't really a place where these wannabes can explore these learning resources in one place. Uzers is not only a website with assets like many others but also great people. We gained feedback and the most common recurring statements about us are: - not spamming, sharing only high-quality assets - transparency and great communication - elegant look & feel It's the first version of the platform but a lot of ideas ahead of us! That's why we opened the Slack group ( where we are inviting our followers and creating a place for getting feedbacks, meet each other or even get a job in the design industry. Hope you like it and don't forget to upvote! Alan
@helena_gray thank you Helena! 👍
Damn, how did I not know about your Instagram?! Everything on the site seems very useful (and the design is very easy on the eyes too), will check it out these days 😃
@anna_0x haha thank you very much! 👏 Sure thing, if you want to suggest something don't hesitate to leave feedback ❤️

100% recommend this!


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