Turn your smartphone into UX lab for mobile user testing 📱

UXReality turns any mobile device into a fully-featured tool for studying website or app user behavior. See through users’ eyes, understand their feelings, hear what they say via one smart AI-powered app
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6 Reviews5.0/5
This app gives hope for simplifying our research process! 🤩🤩🤩 Love your updated version!
@james_mcking Whoo, updates are enjoying us as well 😊 Thank you and let's do user testing simple and interesting together!
Hi Product Hunters 👋, I’m Dmitry, founder of UXReality - the inclusive AI-powered app for mobile user testing that helps to improve conversion rates of mobile websites and apps. Around one year ago I asked myself - is there a tool allowing UXers to know how users experience mobile interfaces? Sure, we have usability labs with their several webcams that record user's face and smartphone screen. Such bulky labs awfully inconvenient to use and analyze data, especially when it comes to small displays. Nothing is clear! In 2019 people deserve a much better tool - something compact and comfortable. Just tap the button and get deep insights! No sooner said than done. Meet our AI-powered prodigy - UXReality app - the best solution for remote and in-house mobile sites and apps UX testing. We have managed to make a selfie camera work as an eye tracker and record facial expressions through facial coding that works simultaneously with voice recording and click-and-scroll tracking. UXReality records not only the screen and clicks but eye movements and facial reactions to seeing through users’ eyes, understanding their feelings, know what they say and think. It allows insights on a radically higher level than other tools and generates a holistic understanding of the “WHY's” of user behavior that site analytics cannot deliver. There is no need for bulky and expensive mobile usability lab, central location, countless hours for understanding results. Analyze gazemaps that reflect live experience (not click-based heatmaps), emotions, scroll recordings, survey responses, etc. Just Tap & Capture!
@dmitry_gaiduk congrats!🎉 Can't believe that finally, UXReality goes live. It's huge news and the start of the new UX reality for everyone. Best of luck :)
@anna_konovodova thanks for such a nice feedback!
Awesome😍 It gives me all the insights I need! It would be great to have a version for IOS as well. Pros - easy to use - free beta - heat maps, facial coding, gaze plot, and voice recording Cons - incompatible with IOS devices
@elena_ruchko2 Thank you for your detailed feedback. We are already working on a solution for iPhones. We'll try not to be #slofie ha-ha 😂
Hi Dmitry, Looks awesome, one quick question (well two actually) - is it compatible with Adobe XD and/or Protopie? Are you looking to integrate them in the future?
@robbyreindeer Hi, great questions! You can use it in app testing mode for prototype testing for now. However, we are going to integrate such tools like Protopie, Figma, Sketch, etc. in our next release 😉
Looks like a very interesting product! This could help designers validate their assumptions and iterate based on actual user feedback and actions. Well done!
@chazthetic thank you for a such great feedback! We are doing our best 💪Happy you're enjoying UXReality 😎