Collect, organize and discuss your inspiration

uxiboard is the perfect companion to your team design workflow.
Collect and organize inspirations, or your own works, and use it get on the same page with your teammates and your clients.
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Hi Producthunt! Finally, I get to introduce a product of mine here, I am really proud and nervous about it! Like most people here I love building stuff and try all the great thing that I find online. Every time I surf the web I find cool details, great interactions, perfect copywriting and I think: “I should use something like this for project X, and that vibe is great project Y”; so I take screenshots and notes of all my feelings and store them …. I DON’T REMEMBER. This has basically been my workflow in the last years, so some months ago I decided to build a tool designed to help me in this situation: uxiboard! I build a prototype and make it use it to some agencies that I know, given the positive feedback I decided to polish it and turn in it in full-blown product! Uxiboard is the place where you can build your catalog of inspirations to have them available forever, and when you need it! You and your team can save all the cool things you like and can annotate, add notes, tag them so when you need it you will get the answers to questions like: “Show all landing pages where I liked colors palette” “I want to see all the cookie banners with a clever copy I saved” … It can be a powerful internal tool for your agency/studio, but can also help you communicate better with your clients. You can organize your inspirations for a project on mood boards to back your words when presenting your ideas to your client. Everybody knows that a mood board is worth a thousand words! :) If you like it and you and your team decide to subscribe, use the ILOVEPH coupon code to get 20$ off the 1-year team plan! Let me know what you think! I am eager to get feedback to improve and grow the product!
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