UXD Book

A career guide for UX Designers

Note: This book is discounted for product hunt! Use discount code ‘producthunt’ for an additional 20% off any package. This is my first book and it’s launching today. It’s a 190+ page guide that covers everything you need to get started in UX, find a job as a UX Designer and get ahead in a growing field. I wrote this after finding there was only so much time in the day to coach people one-on-one. I really wanted to help more people get into the field. I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions or feedback. Thanks!
Hi Jon Izquierdo, I purchased your book and already deeply in love with your position, definitions, and excitement towards UX. I cofounded and now am directing the course load for http://frontendfoundry.com - a new education standard for UX UI, Graphic Design and HTML. I want to make it on the required list for the May 2018 courses. I have been using one other book that doesn't necessarily see eye to eye with our interests and doesn't touch on career placement. We currently are prospecting two classes of 28, and then of course more sessions (10 week classes start 4 times a year). My hopes are that maybe we can discuss a discount much similar to that of Product Hunts. I would love to discuss more email me if your interested tayler@studiominted.com - and thanks! The content rocks!