Deliver the perfect app experience. UXCam automatically captures complete user experience on your mobile app. Get the UX Analytics that’ll help you to truly understand your users to build better apps.
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Guys (co-founder here) - let us know if you have any questions.
Minor comment on your website - I wouldn't recommend hiding your pricing under a hamburger menu.
@ashrust Hi Ash, There's been some debate here about that too. I'll add your comment into the mix....and we'll see what comes out. Thanks!
Do you guys do Android too?
@elegantunivers9 Hi Anjali, Yep - Android is a first class platform for us: all the instructions for integration of the SDK are on the website. We are also working on other platforms - give us a shout if you have a favorite you want us to cover.
Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone to use it?
@seanrucker Hi Sean, Not at all - that would suck and limit your user base. Our iOS SDK is App Store safe so you can integrate UXCam in your live apps if you want.
Looks interesting, so are you recording a user's entire session? What about for mobile games where sessions are like 30 minutes long?
@torbahax Hi Andrew - By default we record the whole session, but the developer can control when the session starts and stops if they want to. So, for example, they could just record one level of a game that is new that they want to investigate user reaction to. Our control panel also allows the developer to limit the upload of data to be only when the user has a wifi connection, or restrict how much mobile data can be used: sessions that complete when in a situation where the network can't be used to upload it immediately will be uploaded on a subsequent run when their is a good connection.