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I built UX Tricks with the mission of teaching UX design and related topics in the friendliest way imaginable. We're happy to announce our website and first book, A Beginner's Guide to Designing UX! 🎉

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Hey there, Daniel here. I’m the maker, writer, and editor 👋. Just wanted to share with you some more info on our ebook. It’s called A Beginner’s Guide to Designing UX, it’s $10. Aaaand, Product Hunters are entitled to 50% off with coupon code: PH50 🎉 Full chapter list: * Chapter 1: What is UX Design? * Chapter 2: Design Principles * Chapter 3: Accessibility * Chapter 4: Usability * Chapter 5: Visual Design * Chapter 6: Responsive Web Design * Chapter 7: Mobile App Design * Chapter 8: Rapid Prototyping * Chapter 9: Usability Testing * Chapter 10: UI Design Tools * Chapter 11: Design Sprints * Chapter 12: Image Exports (coming soon as a free update) * Chapter 13: Cognitive Biases (coming soon as a free update) * Chapter 14: Ethical Design & GDPR (coming soon as a free update) * Chapter 15: Getting a Job as a Designer (coming soon as a free update) So, the book is an anthology of everything we’ve written about UX on our blog, and for a limited time, that’s where you can read all of the content for free (no strings). There are several reasons why we’ve done this: 1. Making design education more accessible is something were deeply interested in 2. We’re still testing the waters, so accessible content = more feedback for us 3. We’re not sure how we’ll monetize long-term (a subscription model has been discussed) Although, if you're a lover of offline reading and PDFs, you can buy the book with a 50% discount right here 👇 (coupon code: PH50 🎉) https://uxtricks.design/products...
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@mrdanielschwarz this is really comprehensive, congrats on launching Daniel!
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Honestly, I read Daniel‘s writing on a consistent basis and this book is a huge step above what you would get over reading a few articles about UX design. To get the most out of the book, take it piece by piece and start figuring out how these design principles can be added to your proces.


Really great comprehensive guide that is well designed and full of more than just tips. It’s available in online and offline reading too.


Hmm. There are cons to anything, but in terms of the book, that all of the chapters aren’t their own books themselves.

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Really appreciate the kind words Darian 🙏 In the book after next we'll cover Advanced UX, where we'll apply these design fundamentals in actual situations like navigation design, form design, dashboard design, creating user flows, designing information architecture, et cetera. Before that though, there's a few bonus chapters I want to add to this book, including chapters on cognitive biases and GDPR/ethical design. Coming up next is a book on InVision Studio: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... I think after all this theoretical learning, we need something more hands on! 😉
Curious about what's coming up next? First, a book on InVision Studio 👏 https://producthunt.com/upcoming... Then, I'll add the bonus chapters to this book 👌 After that, Advanced UX 👍 (we'll explore a subscription-model around this time too) And after that, Product Design (all these based on customer research) Between all of this we have an interesting roadmap of articles that won't appear in any books (blog exclusives), and I'll also be coming up with mini-products and cool ways to make the platform more engaging (email courses, daily UX tips, news, and gamification are some of the things I'm toying with! 😅).
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Content is good that Daniel placed in this, I would like to say that every designer who is starting should go through it.
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@abhimanyu_kapoor We appreciate support ❤️