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Compare UX design tools side-by-side

UX Tools is the easiest way to alleviate your tools anxiety by comparing the industry's best UX tools side by side.

When was the last time you heard someone ask, "Which is best: InVision, Framer, or Marvel?" Send them a link to uxtools.co and let them decide for themselves.

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Great resource to compare UX tools side by side and a good way to see all the different features they support. @_taylorpalmer have you thought about putting a filter on the site? For an example, for me personally it's very important that a specific UX tool has a Sketch integration so I'd like to filter these tools by that attribute. Just a quick thought 😉
@markoxvee @_taylorpalmer There are some filters: But yeah I think some more specific ones could be useful!
@bentossell Oh! I've completely missed this. It should be more prominent and I don't believe it represents the outcome (filtering) as well so it's confusing. @_taylorpalmer
@markoxvee @bentossell I've had this come up before, and I approached it from the idea of "filtering out" unwanted columns from the table. Would you you expect to filtering to work by sorting the table, sending the apps that use Sketch to the top?
@_taylorpalmer What I think it might work is that the icons would be clickable which would activate the filter. For an example if I'd click on a Sketch icon, it would filter out all the apps that don't have this feature. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. :) @bentossell
Very useful, thanks.
Nice! But looks to be facing the same problem as with any list - it's not complete. E.g. I'm missing Justinmind and Pidoco in the list of prototyping tools.
Sure thing @double_u_d and I'm keeping track of that list here: https://trello.com/b/AsdQg4pY/ux.... Feel free to upvote your favorites.
Very cool :)
A side by side comparison is always handy and this selection of UX Tools is realy good and with a nice UI