UX Stamps

Awesome stamps for UX and Product designers

Quick rough rectangles are great for some wireframes, but at other times you may want to start a little neater. Put your sketches in perspective with a quick stamp in the shape of your iPhones or other smartphones (and even iWatch)

- For designers, entrepreneurs and product peeps

- Use it anywhere, including your favourite notebook (no printing)

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These are seriously cool. Great stocking stuffer!
@jaaaaarek yeah really cool, no more printers! Such a simple clever idea
Thank you so much @jaaaaarek @graeme_fulton, have you ordered one yet? If not, may I ask what is stopping you? I would love to know how to make these stamps better. Cheers for the vote, much appreciated
@graeme_fulton @chiwaili I see it as a fun conversation piece, not necessarily a tool I would use everyday (I mostly do desktop stuff). Sure, I could use a stamp if I wanted to jot down an idea, but I mostly want it because it's clever. One of the issues I'll (inevitably) have is when I run out of stamp ink. It will probably end up collecting dust because it will be easier to pick up a pen and paper than it will be to buy more ink, but that's ok, I'm not buying it for the utility, I'm buying it because it's a great conversation piece. In terms of improvement, maybe you could expand your line to include some android devices, but anything beyond that would be too much.
Thank you for that @jaaaaarek, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply me. I completely agree with your comments on ink being an issue, and sadly I can't see a way of solving it. So personally, starting uxstamps is more about solving my own problem and seeing if anyone else had the same problem. I'm actually making a lost right now, but it's ok because of how much I'm learning, and how it has connected me with many smart people. It's not going to be a huge business that's for sure, but I'll keep on looking around what else I could do with these. Many many thanks indeed
This is clever :)
@mario_rocchi Thank you, is there anything we can do to make the stamps even better?

Would love to get a package of multiple size


Easy to use and looks really effective!


Have to buy multiple for different models/sizes