UX Recipe for iOS

Design checklist & estimation tool for your next UX project

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2016
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This app will be great to use for me for next time I hire design. It helps to assess what to include and not, and talk the same language as designers. It would be good to have some more functionality in the result sections, for instance to evaluate and compare different combinations.
@mikaellowgren Thank you for the kind feedback. Regarding the results section, starting with the next update you will see improvements in that screen. The comparison feature sounds great. Noted!
This is great! I'll let you know how it goes after I use it with a client :)
@dancyfits Whoaa! That's awesome!
Really big fan of the idea behind this project. UX can be such a challenging field and is hard to get right.
@chezacke Thank you for your kind support!
Some nice gems here. Well done!
@davidfastuca Thanks! It has been a woozy organizing the content.
Giving it a shot
@vladzz Looking forward for your feedback. Thanks for trying it.