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Ebook of insights on process & purpose from MailChimp UX

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Essays from the MailChimp UX team on what they've learned along the way. segmented into: development, design, collaboration, research & refinement. $5. Not sure if it's entirely recycled from their UX newsletter or if there is some new content in there, but either way sometimes it's worth paying for the convenience of bundled articles.
@stttories Impressive resource in general. UX is one of my favorite topics.
@stttories You are right on all counts! Some articles have been sourced from the newsletter, although they've been heavily edited to better fit within the context of the book. There are a few chapters that were written specifically for the ebook as well. And best of all, the proceeds go to RailsBridge! Thanks so much for getting the word out, the team appreciates it :)