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#4 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2014
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Hey there, So happy to be on Product Hunt. I built UX Help in my spare time as an experiment. More about that here - https://medium.com/@mohamed1mran... Happy to answer any questions you guys have. And looking forward to more feedback from all of you. Thanks for the support! :)
Hey! It's been a while since my last hunt but I finally found something fresh to share with you. UX Help seems to be really new so you might want to give it a chance if you're working on a product without the help of an UX designer... or if you're an UX pro looking to help early-stage startups. Within the app, you'll be able ask a question to a pro or directly book someone to work with you. I'm curious to see if it'll work and if it does what kind of improvements it'll bring to products. :)
Love this idea. As a UX/Product guy bootstrapping a startup, this sounds like a great way to both help with and learn from other startups at this early stage... whilst keeping some funds trickling in!
Posted my first question and let me see how long to get an answer. Why is this a mobile app instead of a site? Still not feel comfortable to type a lot on a mobile device. [update] The founder kindly answered my question with 2 suggestions. Very helpful. If the community can give feedbacks like that for most of the time, I would use it for sure.
@wanghq I had the same impression about feeling uncomfortable typing lots of text thru its mobile interface. Maybe an issue that needs an UX expert :P
I'm curious about it too. if it focuses on mobile apps testing / UX feedback, it makes sense to have an app so you can easily share screenshots. I will give it a try!