UX for Lean Startups

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@bentossel I can't speak for Eric, but for me the writing process itself is kind of a mess. Writing either happens or it doesn't. Sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it feels like I'm extracting thoughts from my brain with a fork. I've been blogging for several years. For the first book, I took a lot of the stuff from the blog and added a structure to it and then filled in lots and lots of other material where I had things missing from the process. For my new book that I'm working on, I don't have nearly as much blog content, so I'm coming up with a bit of a new framework for how I do product development. It's based on working with product teams for several years and seeing what they struggle with. Specifically, I'll be including a lot of exercises that Product Managers and Entrepreneurs can run with their teams in order to solve common problems like prioritizing features and figuring out if their ideas are any good. All those exercises come out of workshops and coaching gigs I've done with teams.
I was wondering how come this book was not tagged under product hunt. I'm a biggest fan of Eric Ries for his mind blowing book "The Lean Startup" for all entrepreneurs and product managers. However, this book "UX for Lean Startups" can tell you how to apply ux strategies using its lean methodologies as briefly explained by author Laura Klein. And that doesn't mean it's the shortcut to ux crown. Please read this book if you're into ux or passionate about user experience.
@abinashmohanty thanks for sharing it!
@lauraklein @ericries - would love to hear some insights here? Could you tell us about the writing process too how you went from idea > writing > publishing ?? After the Lean Startup Conf yesterday (and several previous ones)... would there be a number of things you would add to the books?