UX For Beginners

Based on the UX crash course by Joel Marsh (@HipperElement)

Hey everybody, I am the author. This book is for absolute beginners, or people who want to learn the fundamentals of UX even though you're not a designer. It is based on a series of blog posts that have been read over a MILLION times, but the book is about 50% new material. I am happy to answer questions! You can read a bit more about the book here: http://thehipperelement.com/post...
Exciting, looking forward to the crash course, Joel!
This is great, I’ve been following Joel’s amazing UX blog http://thehipperelement.com for some time now, and I knew it was only about time he compiled the best bits into a book. I’d say it’s both for UX/product beginners but also for experienced folks who needs a solid reminder of the basics.
@tomsoderlund Thanks! I definitely agree. If you talk to people on the product team, or just want to understand what they are talking about, this book is for you.