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Maker here. I was inspired by other curated daily and weekly emails and wanted to create one dedicated to user experience design. Happy to answer any questions!
Great stuff, @kennycheny. And I dig that you have shared your first issue on the homepage -- WYSIWIG :) What's your criteria for finding content and for curating it? I'm also in LA and keen on UX things -- do you ever attend LA UX meetups?
@narekk Thanks! I do attend the LA UX meetups regularly. As far as the curating criteria, it's still a work in progress. I'm always looking at content throughout the day and then picking the best ones, while trying to cater to both professional user experience designers and those that are just interested in the topic. I'm planning on experimenting early on and looking at the open rate, subscribe rate, and what's being clicked on the most to better determine what the subscribers want to see.
I think that this kind of "newsletter" - if I can call it like that - might be a good idea for people who don't have many time to dig into all the UX/UI/web design websites, looking for trustworthy articles and sources or tools. Will you be cooporating with some authors or magazines, or just search for quality content by yourself?