UX Assist

Workflows for designers driven by UX activities

UX Assist is driven by workflows. You can work with predefined workflows or create your own by adding and rearranging activities.

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Hey there Product Hunt! I am really excited to announce the launch of UX Assist. Simply put, the app provides workflows for designers driven by UX activities. It's the first product of its kind that has grouped UX activities into 12 unique workflows based on the kind of product you're working on, namely, an optimum viable product, minimum viable product, client-based product and a data-driven product. We all know that there can't be a single best process to design a product. Hence, the app gives you activity based recommendations for each product type and assists you in making your own workflow according to your business and product requirements. Moreover, you get access to over 100 UX cards with bite-sized information about each activity. You can use UX Assist offline and there's no need to sign up for anything. Just download the app and start building your UX workflow! I am now looking forward to get some feedback from the Product Hunt community! So, let's get started!! Oh, and just a little something for the awesome Product Hunt community - Promo codes for the app ;) L6L4Y7F36RAH 4WAY7NYHX9J3 ATFFLF9XYT43 6LWP7YMF67NF AFN99JHY7HWN TW7RJFARX74R JH79TW6TE7AM 99H797R77LXY XN37LML6EK43 RNYTR74K4TNR
@aditgupta It's interesting how you've grouped UX activities into different product categories. I've downloaded the app (thanks for the promo code :) ) Also, are you planning to include more mediums like wearables?
@sakshimajmudar Glad you liked it! Would love to hear some feedback from you. Yes, wearables and IoT will soon be a part of the app. :)
@aditgupta Congratulations for coming up this unique product. I'm pretty sure every designer will thank you for making their life bit easier!!!
@punshetty Thanks Puneeth! That's the core idea. Designers should be able to focus on various UX related activities so that they can come up with awesome products :)
@aditgupta Thanks! Got one :D http://imgur.com/zQgtVMR First impression is a "Primer" for UX which sounds awesome! https://www.producthunt.com/tech... In the future this app is awesome for giving away promo codes: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Congratulations! It really looks awesome and you can see the hard work put behind it. I myself just launched the UX Recipe mobile app (we have similar tastes :D). Out of curiosity how do the promo codes work?
@alecsandru Thank you!! :) Promo codes let you install the app for free. They are available in iTunes Connect. It's really useful if you want others to review your app. :)
@aditgupta Got it! Very nice built. One thing I immediately noticed, you should check it if you find it suitable for an update: When I mark something done, only the icon changed and the item's background color remained the same, making it a bit difficult to visually track it/differentiate it as I swipe/scroll around.
@alecsandru That's a very nice feedback! I'll keep this in mind for next version update. Thank you! :)
Great job @aditgupta! I am trying my hands on UX and the workflows here in the app are amazingly defined. Its exactly what I needed! Great product, great content.
Congrats on the launch @aditgupta! Curious to know, what are your information sources?
@abnux Thanks Abhinav! I did around 3 months of primary and secondary research for the app. This involved designer interviews, study of papers on SIGCHI+SIGDOC, going through lots of articles and books and my personal experience in designing products for the last 8 years. :)
Looks like an interesting combination of productivity and education tool -- well done! I understand you're working on Mac and Android versions; are you also planning to make this a universal app, for iPads too?