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Hi Hunters! Two years ago we launched UX Archive to help people examine and compare how other apps solve design challenges they are facing. Over the past year we have archived more than 400 user flows from over 140 iPhone apps. But it hasn’t been easy to understand what happens between steps. How exactly does the user interact with the app? How do elements transition from one state to another? That’s why today we’re excited to announce the addition of animated user flows! With UX Archive Animated we are trying to solve this issue. Please let me know what you think!
Love this. I use UX Archive for a long time. The animated feature is definitely a huge improvement. Very nice implementation with the mouse over for the desktop version of the website. The mobile version of the website could be done better though, with a specific mobile experience.
@sophiemasure Yes, we will work on optimizing it a bit. I don't think we will build a mobile first experience though.
The best. this was my favorite resource when i was first learning mobile patterns and now it's even awesome-er.
@lennshu Aha this is great to hear!
awesome new feature @abrodo! Loving it!