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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 20, 2015
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Hey I'm the developer of UX-App if you have any questions then fire away :) Just thought I'd give you all some background. I'm a high school teacher by day and developer by night. I was bitten by the start-up bug a few years ago and UX-App is my first product launch. In between a full time job and a 5 month old at home it has taken about 3.5 years to complete the project. I'd like to think its a unique product that holds its own against the existing competition and even has some features that no other tool has. My favorite aspect is the visual code builder which allows designers to easily define complex animation and program flow without writing code :) Let me know what you think. Cheers, Eli
@elisierra_ux Hey there Eli, would love to chat about featuring this on Modev. Let me know if you'd be interested in a brief interview, maybe even a podcast interview.
@thejournalizer that sounds amazing! You can reach me via email eli@ux-app.com. I look forward to hearing from you :)
@elisierra_ux Congratulations! It's impressive what you've achieved with a full-time job in an unrelated field and a baby at home.
@ziinko Thanks Ziink, It would be nice to be able to work on UX-App full time. Hopefully with time (and enough subscribers ;)), I'll be able to make UX-App my fill time gig.
@elisierra_ux giving this a look today. Nice!
Added to mt All Things UX collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
I love it so far. It's much simpler than UXpin (what I really like), but not too simple (like moqups). How I show a device like an iphone around my grid?
@jvannistelrooy thanks for the kind words! UX-App works a bit differently in this regard. Instead of simply using a phone stencil, you will need to create a new project which is a mobile project. Here is some more info about this https://www.ux-app.com/static/do...
We currently use UXpin and Axure, should we change for your solution?
@demoweb_co I think you should definitely give it a go :) UX-App has interaction design features that none of the other solutions currently available can match. In addition it has seamless device preview which makes for a very quick design -> test workflow. If you do give it a go I'd love to hear your thoughts. Cheers, Eli