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Hi Product Hunt Community! My name is Ming and I am a co-founder of UVLens. Growing up in New Zealand, we frequently get roasted in the sun (not thanks to our location on the globe and hole in the ozone above us). The beautiful beaches and mountains don't help either! We decided to try solve this problem in 2013 with a wearable UV sensor that tracks your exposure and warns you when you've had enough. After many iterations and pivots, we developed the technology further and figured out a way to provide accurate forecasts of UV levels to anyone in the world, without the need to purchase your own sensor. This is possible with the help of forecasts from satellite data and ground sensors measuring real time UV. UVLens is currently in the process of being integrated with a network of 5000 sensors all over the world, so you can get live UV data local to you (some countries already live). Our mission is to provide people with accurate and practical UV information to safely enjoy the sun! No one should ever have to ever fear the sun :) We'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback or ideas! I am also happy to answer any questions you may have.
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wow great product!
Oh boy, this is lovely! I got sunburnt in Scotland in a cloudy day, but never again! Awesome :) Ps. I really liked the app, just got it installed and selected my skin type (II), so I'll certainly use it in weekends and such. Is it free always by the way @techno246 ? :-)
@victormanriquey Thanks! :D as a Kiwi, I have been burnt far too many times here in New Zealand! So that's why we decided to do something about. And like you said, clouds can be very deceptive... as well as heat, since you can't actually feel UV (heat is from infrared)
@victormanriquey Gladto hear you like the app! What's free now will always be free! I am also a huge disbeliever in banner ads... So there won't be any ads any time soon either haha
@techno246 Ah that's great! :) I'm going on vacation soon, so I'll make sure to check the app beforehands, and in any case, +50 FTW hahaha
@victormanriquey you know that the sunscreen protection increase from SPF 30 to SPF 50 is roughly 1%, right? :)
@quad_bx I did not know no, any article where I can read about it? :-)
Very useful indeed!
@stevenlaw Glad you like it! :D
Have met the team personally and they're as genuinely kick-ass as it comes. The app rocks and they're an awesome bunch of people - win win!
@steven_male Thanks for your continued support Steven! :D