Sun Safety Coach and UV Index Forecast app

UVIMate is the smartest way to have a safe time outdoors, stay sunburn free and track Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) all around the globe.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Missing a few features that UVLens have. Otherwise great!
@zappe Hey Daniel, could you please specify what features are missing and for what platform? The Android version is a most complete one, the iOS is still in a heavy development stage but already provides globaly worked Apple Watch app as a good extra.
@alex_ershov, better skin customization and ability to see more than one day and different times of the day. iOS.
@zappe Thanks for the valuable feedback!
G'day Product Hunt guys and girls! My name is Alex Ershov and I am a solo developer of UVMate project from Perth, Western Australia. Two years ago after moving to Australia I got the most severe sunburn in my life and painfully learned what the UV Index and basic Sun Safety Awareness are. Searching in the app markets couldn't help me to find any decent app that was meet my criteria - quick, "widget alike" information delivery, wearables friendly and UV Index forecasting oriented. Being a developer and "mathematician by accident" I've started to craft my own solution based on publications of The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) of New Zealand. Step by step I've developed and tested an advanced UV Index API and finally built the UVIMate apps for Android/Android Wear, iOS and Apple Watch. The main mission of UVIMate is to be your Sun Safety Coach and give you a sense of unique “Ultraviolet Radiation pattern” for the place you live in. It can't physically cover you from UV rays and force you to put a sunscreen on a sunny day but will provide a real-time, high-quality sun safety information and guide you how to protect yourself from the harmful Ultraviolet Radiation and mitigate a risk of skin cancer. It'll be my privilege to hear your thoughts, feedback or ideas and answer any questions of the community.

Great start for a solo developer, UV Index API should be considered to become Open Source to liverage comunity effort. Garmin and Fitbit Ionic apps are also would be the great extras.


The Android version is great and works on Android Wear


The iOS version doesn't provide UV Index Forecast. Lack of localization.

Check the API we're using for UVIMate, OpenUV - Global Real-Time UV Index Forecast API: https://www.openuv.io.