Disappearing Voice Chat

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Good name. I remember thinking all the way back in Tiger Text days that I'm not sure I'd be comfortable trusting the evanescence of the message, given that other apps e.g. quicktime on desktop can be used to capture the original one that's meant to disappear. That being said, I love the voice / audio space and something that provides bite-sized stuff to listen to during a commute and other downtime seems like it would have legs...
@brendanbeirne Hi Brendan, thanks for the comment. Something which we're really keen to add as soon as possible is a newsfeed ( as well as lots users :) ) where you could listen to little snippets of audio on the go. Would you prefer a public or private newsfeed or perhaps a combination of both? Really tricky working out what would be the best solution.
@swiftlifelearn I see this as an 'among friends' app rather than a public one, so a (quasi)private newsfeed would probably be the use-case I'd find more enticing. Given the existence of things like Anchor + all the live video streaming apps, I think there's a more interesting opportunity in the friends + friends of friends space. Or call it Flutter and market it as a flirting app :)
@brendanbeirne haha yeah I am trademarking Flutter as I type - Yeah the toughest challenge with audio only is making it as interesting and consumable as images and video
@brendanbeirne haha I like the sound of Flutter :)
Excited to get feedback from the PH community!! Our aim is to reconnect people through the power of voice as we believe the world as become too image focused