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#3 Product of the DayJune 16, 2018

UTM.io - Is a Free UTM builder that makes it easy and fast to set up tracking on every link, leaving you free to dive into the data to learn how you can maximize the effectiveness of your email and social media campaigns.

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None so far!

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I wouldn’t pay while there are many free UTM tagging services.
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@romoh1 Thanks for checking us out. The free version will allow you to build UTMs using our web app or chrome extension. So, we are free like other services :)
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Thanks for hunting us! If you have questions about the product please let me know :)
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Its omesauce


Makes life easier



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This looks a good service, we use auto UTM tagging on our Instagram feed pages and the shortener feature certainly looks good along with the additional tracking. Interesting.
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@linkinbiouk thanks comment. I Would be happy to give you a demo :)
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