Ready to use app screens based on real business requirements

UTech is a set of curated screens, layouts and styles that servers multiple start-up niches out of the box. With real business requirements in mind, product teams can have strong foundation to built upon and ship potential products. Main start-up niches include:

- Finance

- Education

- Food

- Media

- Commerce

- Fitness

More details - utech.design

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Hey there PH, I’d like to provide some context about UTech. Let’s assume you own a start-up or you work for one. I imagine, you want to save both money and time. You can buy a ready set of screens for your project to pass onto developers, built with real business requirements in mind. I called that UTech and the main start-up niches - among others - include: * Finance * Education * Food * Media * Commerce * Fitness — Styleguide There is a powerful symbols library - and it’s behind everything you see. It contains everything, from navigation to typography integrated into exhaustive text-styles. More specifically, every screen contains: * Symbol components * Symbol overrides * Text-styled typography — Business requirements UTech includes all the major tech start-up niches, like FinTech, EdTech etc. Every tech start-up niche screen is built with real business requirements in mind. That way, everything is as close to reality as possible requiring minimal changes in order to ship your MVP. — Interaction Examples Last but not least, you get animations for hand-picked screens to demonstrate the experience. Everything is made in After Effects and source files are included in the download. The list is growing, and you can preview it here: https://vimeo.com/album/4900804 That’s pretty much it. You can view more details at http://utech.design Have a nice day, Andrew.
Great job !! Does it work with any app of sketch or any onetime payment or is it easy to download !! 😊
Hey there @ayush_chandra, It works with the latest version of Sketch, plus it's one time payment. There's a dedicated FAQ about UTech - http://utech.design/faq/ Let me know if you have any other question. Have a nice day!
I bet you got no sales in case it's absolutely uneffective to implement.
Hey @kamushken, Could you elaborate a bit more about the uneffectiveness to implement? In short, the main idea behind UTech isn't to provide a fully-fledged product out of the box, but a solid foundation to built upon your own product. Cheers!
@_andrewch it's freaky UI highly appreciated by designers but not user-friendly for customers. Good luck with it in any case. Cheers
@kamushken Okay I see your point, but what if the customers at the end of the day are designers? Thanks a lot for your feedback by the way. Have a nice day :)