utab Chords & Lyrics

Chords and lyrics in sync to your favorite songs

Hi All, I'm the developer of this product. What you are seeing now is the latest iteration of the chords & lyrics display system that I've been working on. While I've had a simple linear based display for quite some time, I often felt that it wasn't very intuitive and it had difficulty handling many cases of different types of music. In music almost every song is an edge case. While it's very easy to show chords & lyrics without syncing to music and many solution have been around for many many years - handling sync/time information makes it factors more difficult. This solution uses an optimizing display algorithm that I have developed that takes into consideration the physical properties of the device, fonts size, tempo alteration and many other factors and attempts to display the chords & lyrics in a 'standard paper like' fashion while allowing for sync and handling of any possible combination of text, time durations and physical properties of a display. I've been working on this for quite some time now and I think the results are more than satisfactory. There are still some edge cases that pose a challenge but they have been reduced by factors. Most songs will just play perfectly. There's also an Editing facade hidden within the interface, and if you start a new song or select a song that has not been 'Verified' you will be able to click on 'Edit' and modify the contents, add lyrics, sync to time and many other options. This is for the very tech savvy, it works best with keyboard shortcuts (all of which are shown in the menubar that will appear when you enter the editor) and works only on desktop browsers. I still encourage you to give it a try. I hope you enjoy singing and playing a long with this interface as much as I did developing it. Make sure you select one of the songs on the list to see it in action.