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Stephanie Kampendonk
@ihatedotpink · PR Officer
Nice one! But with services like messagebird i can do the same and send about 868 messages per month for $5 (you'll need to rent a phone number for $2 for 3 months). They also provide me with a nice and easy dashboard, so where is the win? 😂
Sideline (Sideline.com) does this for free
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
$5 a month, send & receive up to 50 SMS messages.... and thats it! I would love to have a service like this but solely for data - I rarely need to text someone when in the US but if I do, I often don't care about paying 50p per text or whatever it is.... But data... if I am out of WiFi - Nightmare. (yes I know I should get a US sim, or whatever)
Nikola Novakovic
@novica93 · Loves Business And Code
Does anybody know how to deactivate an account ?
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
saying "Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."