IBM Watson psychological analysis of Twitter profiles

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Because what kind of psych grad / twitter junkie would I be if I wasn't thrilled about this? P.S. I'd be even happier if they made it for Android. :/
UsMeU uses a IBM Watson service, Personality Insights, You can search for a Twitter user and send that person's last 200 tweets to Watson to analyze.
I think this is really interesting in spite of the absolutely terrible design work. I dont' say that very often.
It's been updated
Hi Kevin - honestly, there is a lot. Typography, icon choice, color palette, layout, information density, all could use a pretty substantial rev. I think your product could really come a long way in the hands of a good UI designer. With that said, you have a functioning POC which is cool. I can see it's potential regardless of the design, especially as an API for services that are looking to augment knowledge about their users.
It's a new design now
Much better I hope
This is an awesome concept: 1) is the data available to me? It could be really cool to see what people could use the data for. 2) In the same vein what actionable insights might I draw from this data? Could be interesting to do a or intercom type thing where you can better understand people before communicating with them. @drewdagostino
@siddygups also I feel like the site needs a little work :P
@siddygups 1) The data is from a IBM Watson service, Personality Insights