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Eero Heino
Eero HeinoMaker@eeroheroheino · CEO, Usetrace
I have developed web apps for a decade and testing the functionality has always been painful. There's been no easy and yet fast way to test the functionality. Either you maintain a large Selenium codebase or hire people to do testing manually.Neither are efficient. Usetrace gives you the power of Selenium without the laborious programming part - and it works! Tests are recorded into maintainable modules and represented in visual cartoon-like form so automated tests can be understood by anyone. We're looking for product feedback.
Bogomil Shopov
Bogomil Shopov@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
@eeroheroheino how is this different from @Equafy for example?
Eero Heino
Eero HeinoMaker@eeroheroheino · CEO, Usetrace
@bogomep @eeroheroheino Thanks for your comment! With @Usetrace, you create test modules that can be modified and reused - just like when skillfully programming with #Selenium. With @Equafy, you record a full scenario which you might need to rerecord completely when your site changes. @Usetrace combines the easyness of Record&Playback (#SeleniumIDE / @Equafy) with the efficiency of programming (#Selenium / #RobotFramework / #SauceLabs / #Capybara) into a SaaS that doesn't require installations or extensions.
Shy Rosenzweig
Shy Rosenzweig@shyrosenzweig · GM - Monyx
Good work @eeroheroheino
Eero Heino
Eero HeinoMaker@eeroheroheino · CEO, Usetrace
@shyrosenzweig Thanks Shy!
akshay@akshay2104 · Founder,
I love this tool, great job. However when I run a trace I think its zoomed in a lot feels really clunky, it will be great if there was a little more blank space. It's okay if the trace steps on the left were a little smaller. It would make the experience better. Just my thoughts, I am no expert on UI. Other than that awesome product.
Arto Vuori
Arto VuoriMaker@dhpe · CTO, Usetrace
@akshay2104 thanks for commenting! We're continuously trying to improve the Editor UX :)