Mobile app analytics system

USERX is a mobile app analytics service created to help marketers, designers, developers and application owners, effectively analyze the interface issues of the application. At the next stage of development, it is planned to implement a neural nets for prognostic testing of UI/UX. All ProductHunt users are given a promotional code for 500 user recordings! Use a promotional code: PH50-3000pro

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting @john_kurbey would love to hear about what features have provided the most value to customers so far?
It looks very impressive! Great job in putting a huge step forward in getting more insights regarding customer behavior and building amazing apps!
@daniil_brodovich Thanks for the feedback, we are glad that you liked our service!

Very useful for product managers and UX designers to learn insights


Really advanced video recording, heat map and user flow charts


Not anough analytics to catch bugs