We connect tech startups with qualified candidates who are looking to tests apps for an extra bit of cash

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I'n the sign up form, you ask what times better suit but it doesn't give a timezone. I hope this is automatically taken in to account with the location? :-) I look forward to seeing how this works out both as someone that has done usertests in the past as well as needing user tests done. On a side note: I noticed in the FAQ that you do not handle the payment process? Why? Surely this would be the easiest monetisation strategy?
Hey @colinwinhall - thanks for the feedback! Re: time zone - that’s a good point, I didn’t think about that but you’re right as it will have an effect around how scheduling works. Will make some adjustments there. Re: monetization - my first focus is to 1) build out the pool of candidates 2) test with a few companies to demonstrate value. I have some thoughts around the business model, but that’ll be clearer once I better understand how to nail down the value offering. Since this is a newsletter service, there’s a few ways to monetize (i.e. subscription, catered delivery, full access, etc.) without having to handle payment transactions. But I won’t rule that out just yet!
@colinwinhall @mosstache Had the exact same concern about the timezones. I think that definitely needs to be factored in with the location. I can't wait to see how this is useful for companies looking to get a quick test or form a team of testers for the longer run. The product looks great @mosstache, good luck!
As a UX designer, I was interested in signing up. However, the idea of having to negotiate payment terms with every business was enough to prevent me from registering - what happens if they don't pay, etc. Highly recommend looking into Stripe Connect - they make it really easy for use cases like this, where you can create a marketplace payments model.
Hey PH! My latest project, UserTesters.io, is an effort for connecting entrepreneurs and tech startups with qualified candidates who are looking to make an extra bit of cash from participating in usability tests. The problem that I faced was finding difficulty sourcing candidates when testing new product ideas and prototypes. Either I was required to go through an expensive recruiting firm or user testing service, reach out to friends and family, or buy someone a coffee at Starbucks in exchange for some valuable feedback. My goal is to make this easier for people in my situation or for entrepreneurs/teams who just don’t have access to thousands of users they can easily source from. And to also be able to provide people an extra form of revenue by offering their feedback in exchange for testing prototypes, apps and websites. I would love any feedback, thoughts and comments. Find me @mosstache on Twitter!
@mosstache congrats on the launch - the site looks pretty inviting! That said, I'm curious why you didn't just use the multitudes of sites offering this service instead of building your own from scratch? Was something missing from usertesting.com or userinterviews.com, for instance, that made you want to build one for yourself? Seems like a lot of work! On the product side, I'm curious where you currently source your pool of testers and candidates from. Would I be able to recruit candidates from Canada, for example? How granular can I get?
Hey @mosstache, Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
Thanks for the ping @jacqvon! I’ve added some more information around the project to the thread. :)
I'm curious about your business model. Do startups pay you to find testers, and do you charge a commission / flat fee? @mosstache