UserLook Recorder

Remote user testing videos w/ just a link🔗

UserLook Recorder is a free tool that lets you get video recordings of your users giving feedback while using your website or app

Thanks for hunting - how do you find relevant users? @junetic
@abadesi That's a great question:) The most relevant users can likely be the users you already have contact with as a product owner/team-member. So with our tool, you can send a test link via the channels you are already engaging with your users—whether they are potential users on social media or existing users in your CRM, analytics or email list. Alternatively, if you are looking for a very specific type of person (ie ProductHunters who own iguanas); you can recruit them via friends and family, social media, online communities..etc.
Hi. Is it possible to acquire a license and run the service in our own servers? Cheers.
@lyondhur No not right now. May I ask why you’d want this? Is it because of non-disclosure needs?
@junetic cheers for the response though. Yep? That and a ton of correlated implications.
@lyondhur we’ll add it to our list and follow up with you when we get into our next release cycle :)
Definitely something I’ll need to try at our next design review. Seems like a great tool for testing with current users. Any plans to expand or partner in the future to get first time user feedback?
@justinotherjohnson Thanks for your comment! To get first time user feedback, you simply need to target people who have not used your service and cater your questions toward their first time experience. We also offer a full-service (paid) solution where we recruit new users for you to get first time user feedback videos :)
Couldn't figure out the difference between self service & full service, even after signing up. 🤷‍♂️
@arunpattnaik Thank you for sharing this! We obviously need to do more userlooks with our own platform and do a better job communicating:( To try to give you a quick answer, self-service is free and you need to send/arrange the test with your own users/testers. Full-service is paid and we take of finding testers and arranging tests(finding users, compensation..etc) to get you user videos.