UserLook 2

Get unbiased user testing videos effortlessly

UserLook 2 provides unbiased user feedback videos of people using your app or website

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UserLook helps your team cheaply and reliably get actionable user insights with unbiased user feedback videos (screen-recordings w/ voiceover). These user videos help your team get alignment and make confident decisions to improve usability, conversion and retention for your app or website. UserLook 2.0 is upgraded with: - New homepage w/ Example gallery, Pricing and FAQ - Added customization features for user test setup, creation & management - Added Android app and mobile web testing support - Optimized user participant recording experience - Redesigned video results page for easier analysis
@junetic Seems cool !! Who will be the ones that are reviewing? :)
@pradeep_vicky Thank you! Our user testing participants are everyday English speaker from US, Canada and Australia 😁