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UserLook gets you on-demand user feedback videos (screencasts w/ voiceover) help to improve your website or mobile app.

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Excited to share UserLook here on PH! UserLook gets you on-demand user feedback videos (screencasts w/ voiceover) help to improve your website or mobile app. Being user insight nerds ourselves, we built UserLook to make learning from your users much more efficient, cheap and effective compared to existing solutions and methods. You can use our full-service option to get user videos on-demand or have it delivered monthly automatically. If you have access to your own users, our self-service option is completely free :) Hope you find the service useful and we'd of course love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
@junetic This looks super useful. Have you considered allowing makers to publish their recordings? For example, in your demo video, you show Medium. I would love to watch users navigate the Medium flows/site. Makers could get a discount if their videos are public. In exchange, you get shareable content that helps with word-of-mouth.
@kaigradert Wow that's a super cool idea! Letting makers share their user videos also would help promote their service in addition to any discounts we can provide. Love that it can be a win-win situation. We'll definitely consider this..Thank you so much for sharing!
@junetic It would also add an educational component to your site. You can publish best practices for the most common flows and design patterns.
@kaigradert Yea totally. Could be a great content offering to provide to makers and designers :D
What recruiting heuristics do you use for test users?
@kaigradert We try to make the experience for our user testers as easy as possible. So the only basic requirement is to be able to follow the instructions for the test and verbally speak well. We also have an internal scoring system that helps rate our testers—that factor in their feedback quality as well as how many tests they've done (as too much could also lead to bias). Hope that helps!
@junetic I meant how do you match test users with products? A fin tech product is very different than a social media product. A paid SaaS product is different than a (free) ad-supported consumer product. User intent and motivation can impact test outcomes.
@kaigradert Ah ok. We don't automatically 'match' test users with products. You can add a general user target in the 'target user' field when creating at test— and we do our best to target those people (ie ages 20-40 who are self-employed).
Cool! Could you explain us how is this different from UserTesting?
@inthe0n That's a great question. Here are some ways we differ: -We are a fraction of the price ($49 vs ~$9 per video) for our full-service recruited option. -We offer an automated service where we send you user videos automatically each month—so you can sit back and learn without any effort. -Our self-service tool is completely free and unlimited to use with your own users :D -Lastly, it's much simpler and lightweight to start a user test and manage results (no big registration, sales or subscription funnels to hoop through).