Catch common usability problems before user testing

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Anuj Adhiya
Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
in a way reminded me of:
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Narek Khachatryan
Product Designer
These guys really did their research, I think they cover all the important bases. The only drawback is that they grouped all products in one usability checklist. From experience, we typically have a different product checklist for mobile apps than web apps. WIth that said, I love how clean and simple this is. Grouped sets of checklists -- click to cross off. First thing that crosses my mind is that it would be neat if someone went meta and created a grouped checklists generator, just like Userium but customizable for project types.
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HollyGeneral Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium
This is fantastic. No fuss, easy to skim. Great find!
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Arjun RamTinkering Past:Investor & Product leader
How longer before someone makes a chrome plugin? ;)