UserGuiding 2.0

An easy way to show how your product works 😻

#3 Product of the MonthApril 2019
UserGuiding helps product teams create interactive user manuals, without coding!
With better user onboarding, you'll increase product adoption and retention while decreasing your customer support costs.
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Hi Hunters, Muhammet here, CTO & co-founder of UserGuiding, I feel very proud of the latest version of our product. We built UserGuiding to take a very common hassle out of all makers - teaching how your product works to your users. Since our launch last year, we feel very lucky to work closely with hundreds of product teams and individual makers. Upon their very precious feedback, I gladly announce new features of UserGuiding: - Onboarding checklists with our Assistant, - More detailed customization with Themes, - More control over your guides via our panel. - ZIP Code, phone number and email validation for Input fields. - And the usage of global JS variables as custom attributes for segmentation. We are very curious about what makers think about the latest version of UserGuiding. We will be very happy to answer all of your questions. Fun fact: Out of 2.4M+ walkthroughs shown to end users with UserGuiding, 43% of users completed all steps of a walkthrough and 45% of users skipped guides on the first step.
@muhammet_enginar you are doing an amazing job guys! :) userguiding has really helped us save great time and energy. we are greatful for your service.
@deniz_dundar Our pleasure to have you guys on board since the very early days. Appreciate kind words!
@muhammet_enginar great tool! We're working on providing better customer journey to our clients at dashly. Would be glad to connect and to make something together.
@roman_eaton appreciate it! Sure, happy to connect and discuss what we can make together.
@muhammet_enginar how would you say your product compares to IORAD or Zendesk?

We're going to implement UserGuiding with soon, we're working on it. It's a unique solution. Although we are a technology-focused team, we decided to use UserGuiding because of their smooth, easy solution! We do not need to deal with complicated user guiding development any more :) Sometimes, No Code = No Problem 🤓


Easy and powerful, you can create advanced user guiding flows (truly advanced).


UserGuiding promotion logo for the non white-label package is too big and colorful, it may be smaller and colorless(Black&White)

Thank you so much @nicetr !

Strongly recommend UserGuiding to simplify onboarding process and inform users about your product.


Best tool for onboarding users , Easy to use, clean guidance while using the product, Good customer support


None so far

Spent the day setting it up and have been very impressed. I encountered a few hiccups along the way which were resolved quickly by the support team - they even provided a bespoke fix to get around an issue with our site in particular.


Easy to set up, Looks great, Very helpful team


Slightly expensive, Trial of 100 monthly users isn't really enough to decide whether it's worth the cost (though I suspect it is).

Thank you for your review @samjohnson__, we definitely can increase the MAU limit on the trial accounts if it's asked. We are very glad that you liked UserGuiding!
I agree. Can you keep us updated on the adjusted MAU limit? :-)
1. Oh this looks cool, 2. Demo... check! 3. Price... OMFG! I will say it again, ALWAYS have a Freemium option, otherwise you alienate half of your potential market right out of the gate. Unless you are going for exclusive, you want to give everyone the chance to try out the product you've worked so hard on. Trying to recoup your investment on Day 1 makes you look unsure that your product can go the distance. I am trying to be helpful, not critical, I actually like your product and would love to see it succeed. Slow and steady, it's not a sprint.
Hello @gregw, thank you for your comment. We appreaciate it. Just sent you a message, we will be happy to help other startups!
@gregw the price seems very reasonable to me compared to paying developers to build all this in a custom way from scratch and maintain it. They also have a free trial, so you can take it for a test drive and see if it works well for you. I’m not affiliated in any way, I just disagree that freemium suits every product and company at every stage.
@gregw totally agree, a freemium options would be great, although free trial is also a valid option