UserGems for Business

Get warm leads by tracking your users for job changes

UserGems identifies and tracks public professional information of your users, automatically notifies your sales reps when there is a job change and provides their new employment and contact information.

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Thanks for hunting us, @__tosh! At UserGems, we show our customers that their current and past users have A LOT of potential that's currently wasted. Knowing when a user changes their job can help you in several ways: (1) Sales Development Reps: Get more meetings and qualified opportunities by automatically receiving hundreds of warm leads of past users who've joined new companies. (2) Account Executives: Easily identify employees at target companies who've already used your product in the past to win deals against your competition (3) Customer Success: Get notified when a champion leaves so you can prioritize efforts and prevent churn. On average, 2-4% of a company's users switch their jobs every month, giving you an ever growing list of warm leads into new accounts – in addition to the around 20% of your users who've already changed their job. Exclusive for Product Hunters: Try UserGems for Free - No Signup needed. Upload a csv with up to 1,000 users and we'll send you a list of all your users that already changed their jobs, where they work now and their new email address! Happy to answer any questions here or by email (
Interesting approach to lead generation and for amplifying organic adoption.
Finding which company past users have moved is definitely a challenge. Manual Linkedin tracking is a pain, and legacy sales tools aren't adept at helping with this. I'm excited to try UserGems!
this tool brings a new aspect to our sales strategy !
@klaus_buchroithner Awesome! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Since the trial, our ADRs have constantly rave about UserGems. Their response rates are higher and they are much more positive.


Our ADRs+ AEs spend hours to track their contacts in LinkedIn if they moved to a new company. UserGems automate all of this process


We have a list of ideas that UserGems can help us in the post-sale side but we haven’t been able to get to it yet