A simple tool for collaborative user persona development

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Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
This is great @farleymatters and @englr! I've always wondered if there was a tool like this. It's such a pain to create personas on the fly and then go back to your desk to recreate the whiteboard session. Would love to be able to add short videos in the future - hearing a person say a quote is really powerful. (Yes, sometimes I just end up using a picture of someone we interviewed!). Can't wait to see the vision for journey maps and the rest.
Rand owens
Rand owens@rand0wens · Founder GrowthSchool
Outstanding! This is a tool that I have needed for years! No more google spreadsheets.
Matt Farley
Matt FarleyMaker@farleymatters · Full Stack Designer
Hey fellow hunters. @englr and I wanted to explore user persona development as a collaborative web-based process, rather than the old-school, error-prone cycle of email driven feedback, document revision and re-distribution. So we built a simple web app that lets anyone create lightweight personas and facilitate collaborative iteration and contextual conversations around the data that tells each user's story. There are many solid design collaboration apps out there, but most of them are focused on conversations around screenshots and UI's. Our long term vision is to move towards a platform that gives teams a central location to manage various aspects of the UX design process and create / collaborate on not only personas, but also other tools like journey maps, scenarios, empathy maps, etc. For now, UserForge is a lightweight, free to use app. There are still some bugs we need to iron out and a few other improvements we probably should make in the short term (like major responsive improvements), but we wanted to ship it and get the feedback loop started. Questions and feedback are welcome!
Greig Cranfield
Greig Cranfield@greigcranfield · UX Researcher & Product Strategist
I was seriously considering building something like this as I'd been trying for the last few weeks to find something like this. Bravo guys, definitely have found a gap in the market and this looks exactly like what I was searching for.
Matt Farley
Matt FarleyMaker@farleymatters · Full Stack Designer
@1greigcranfield Thanks Greig. If you want to help shape the long term vision for the product, you're welcome to check out our public changelog and join the conversation at
David Turner
David Turner@dturneresq · RSA Fellow
Bravo! This should help us move toward a more powerful model of user centred design and should be an essential part of any entrepreneurs toolkit. 👍👍😀😂😉🍕
Matt Farley
Matt FarleyMaker@farleymatters · Full Stack Designer
@dturneresq Thanks David. It's been a fun product to work on : )