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Thanks for hunting, Eric! Userflow Pro is a growing library of over 100 annotated Userflow videos with screenshots. They help designers and product people see how common design problems are solved in the most popular products. I started something similar a few years ago, but didn't keep it up because it was very time consuming. This time round, it's a paid service, so is more sustainable. It's something I think should exist, which is why I'm having another go at it. I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'll be around all day to answer any questions πŸ‘
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@ramykhuffash Absolutely LOVE this resource! Thank you for building this out. I hope to see this grow and cover a lot more ground! Good Luck!
@a4ayush Thanks - that's really good to hear
One thing I've come to appreciate while working @producthunt is a gooooooood onboarding flow πŸ‘Œ
@bentossell @producthunt Yup! If you spot any particularly good ones in the wild, please send them my way!
As a developer, with little to no design skills, building nice intuitive UX is hard. This is a super nice way of getting some inspiration! nice work Ramy
@samcambridge Thanks, Sam! I'm sure you have some design skills though!
Timesavers are always worth the money. The insights UFP delivers are worth far more than the current price tag. I really like what Ramy's doing here, for me it's a no brainer for anyone interested in UX.
@fredrivett Thanks for the kind words, Fred! My hope is that this does indeed save people time at work
@Ramy Nice job! Love the idea. Would be more useful to me if you had more variety of flows for example returning canceled customers to a SaaS platform or cross selling to other products you offer. Example would be what does Netflix look like for a user who logs in with an expired subscription? Or how does MailChimp try to upgrade users to other services they offer?
@zuppadisange thanks for that - super useful feedback. These are flows I can add in the future πŸ‘ŒπŸ»