Turbo-charge your user onboarding and convert more customers

Build truly sophisticated user onboarding experiences. It’s so much more than the typical guides with a series of “Next” buttons. Userflow can react to any element or event in your app using “if this, then that” rules, do branching, and segmentation of users.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Been using this for a while now and we've seen a tremendous improvement to our activation rate. My favorite part is the checklist that is integrated with the different flows - it works!
We've been using Userflow at Tame and have been extremely satisfied with the easy setup and great flexibility. Fast support has also been vital for us to get off to a good start. Hands down the best flow builder I've used.
@mickeyswitzer Thanks, Mickey! Happy have you on the platform :)
Due to the dynamic nature of content in our platform we had issues with the legacy solutions out there for this. We've been part of the beta and love Sebastians responsiveness. Great UI and a highly recommended platform.
Thanks @klngnbrg for posting! Hello Product Hunt! I made Userflow since I couldn’t find a capable enough solution for a product I was working on last year. Most products I looked at either only supported standard linear guides with a series of “Next” buttons, or they were way too expensive and/or complicated. I ended up hardcoding a very detailed onboarding guide. That birthed the idea for Userflow. About 8 months ago, that originally hardcoded onboarding guide was replaced with the very first guide made entirely with Userflow. It worked just as well. Since then, Userflow has only gotten better and smarter. We have a super intuitive Flow Builder. Our special sauce is our triggers (“if this, then that” rules) that can react any anything in a web app. Our flows can also branch, so you can skip steps or fork users’ paths depending on their previous behavior/attributes. Recently we added support for get-started-checklists. I would love to hear feedback or questions. Thanks, Sebastian