Turn user conversations into development insights

@kkdub, Thanks for the question. We built it because we've had some SaaS apps before and tried to get people on the phone to get some feedback from them. Getting people scheduled was a pain, even when they wanted to help. Then once we did have a call (with either myself or co-founder) I'd have to take notes while on the call and then tell my co-founder about it. It was hard to listn & take notes at the same time, so when I'd pass the info to my co-founder it wasn't great. Seemed like something we could fix (plus other startup founders we talked to also had the problem), so we gave it a go!
Hello PH, I am one of the co-founders of UserFlock; happy to answer any questions
Another founder here, glad to answer any questions. Or even better - share how you mange your customer development.
Why did you build UserFlock?
@kkdub 1 - we had the problem ourselves when doing customer development interviews for other projects :) 2 - We're big proponents of lean startup and entrepreneurial science and wanted to build a tool that supports it.
Why did this get 29 upvotes?
@brackin I'm not sure I can answer that one unfortunately haha If you have a question about what we're working on or why we we're doing it, I'd be glad to answer.
@brackin How many should it have gotten?